Been playing along at home - still great stuff but it didn't need any bumps before today [Big Grin] .

Here's what I would call a FRT (First Resort Technique) - Have you ever said something? At all? Even a little?

It sounds like DB Blasphmay doesn't it? But I find so many people don't tell anyone there's something wrong in the first place. Usually for fear or the mindreader syndrome.

I've had friends who were furious with me for great lengths of time. Finally, because I can be dense - I say "hey, what's wrong?". Usually I get "nothing just nothing". So I may press a little. Pretty soon everything's out in the open and we're peas and carrots all over again.

And there have been times when I thought others should just know better and have some compassion for me or that they're just big ol boobs - til I say "Hey, would you please XXX?" and bammo - they're like "Sure, how's that?".

Presentation is everything. If you come off offensive or defensive then you're gonna get a negative response. But if you're honest and use manners, you may be surprised what you may get back. Nervous is ok too as long as you don't attack like a little fluffy dog.

It's when you've done that and you're still getting rebuked that I can see going to the next step.

Sorry JJ - I love what you've been posting but I hate to "just" bump up a thread. And I talk too much... [Big Grin]

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