Wow JJ! That was great! That encompasses a lot of stuff in a small space. Now if people can remember it when their own waters are being tested [Smile] .

Something I'd been thinking about this morning...

It would be nice if more men would turn "love" into an action verb toward their wives and children and less a noun. That they would recognize that they get positive response from loving (albiet awkward) actions. To not give up just cause their family is tentative in their response. If they could personalize their families response to how they react when they're in a similar situation. Usually they find their family is being quite resonable and probably nicer than if it were them.

It would be nice if more women would recognize when their husbands are shouting their love off the rooftops even if it's not the way they want it. A lot of times we don't even see they're showing love in their way. Sometimes she's so busy being annoyed or hurt by his actions instead of stopping and realizing that he's saying he loves her and her alone. It's something ladies - appreciate it before it's withdrawn or given elsewhere.

Just really resonant this morning for me. I think if both sides would work harder on those things, a lot more relationships would be stronger, happier and fulfilling.

God bless & peace. I'm going for bagels [Smile]

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