Haven't seen JJs wisdom on going dark. Point me there.
We aren't legally separated and haven't bothered to work out any formal visitation schedule. I bascially let her come and go as she pleases. She has been here every weekend but one since she left so she hasn't really 'missed' the kids enough to ask to see them w/o me there. We still get along quite well, go places together, sleep together (though that is winding down). I guess I am just waiting for her to come to her senses (my opinion).
Can she be trusted with them? Absolutely. She is not as loving a mother as I would like and is sometimes inattentive but she does love them.
A condition of her wanting this sep was that she goes and the kids stay. She agreed and said I was the better parent anyway. She is giving me the typical "I love you but not IN love with you" speech. We married when she was 19 so I understand where she is coming from. No oat sowing time. Patience right?

I took the road less traveled.....now where the heck am I?