This needed another bump.

Got so busy blabbing with friends I ran out of time to find the old thread and update - give others a chance to pummel me. Fair's fair.

Thought about some other underused Michele stuff.

People get so caught up in their drama they forget that Michele has a wicked sense of humor! And she give that upbeat spin on techniques all over her writing. Has anyone tried wearing groucho glasses while discussing something touchy?

One of my more successful forrays was...IGgy had this word that really just drove me mad. Bad, painful association and he knew it but he kept saying it. No, it wasn't Niagra Falls...

Anyway, I finally told him that every time he said that word, I was gonna kiss him (a good one too). If we were in too much public I'd stroke his arm or something. He was flabbergasted. "You're gonna give me something I want for doing something you hate?" Yep. And it worked. It really really worked.