Thanks JJ,
I guess I am struggling with it. I am doing it as of now and hae been for about a month now. But am I truely letting go if I hope to get my H back b/c of it. My intentions are to give him space, work on improving myself (school and working out), work on improving friendships, and finally to let go of worrying about what he is doing or feeling. I think I still worry that he is not coping with this (he advoids conflict and this is the biggest ever). I have realized that this has less to do with me than it has to do with his general unhappiness, I've stopped feeling like I should have done something different.
I guess I don't feel like I am really letting go if I hope to get him back. If I'm doing ok what is the next step.
Thanks for your input you've helped me out before at a critcal point, I could use that help again.
Sweet Orange

sweet orange