Awesome post! Funny, I was scared a bit of the LRT too when I started. I think most of us are. But you can only make your sitch better...cause you are making YOU better. What kind of better? The better that is right for life darnit, don't let it live YOU!

I never even knew this level of happiness existed. All the time, heck no - we are human. But no fear. No more crying. No more anguish over every tense word he speaks. No more worrying that he won't love me anymore. Cause I love myself and there are PLENTY of people out there that love me too. Why let one person ruin, or RUN your life - unless it is YOU running your life. [Big Grin]

Wise words..and I'll stop babbling cause you said it soooooooo well. There IS control. It is within us.


Remember...everything happens for a reason