This from Zbaby44 --

Dear Michele,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for you being so blessed by God to be given this miraculous gift of knowledge, this site and your materials.

I am a 45 year old male, second marriage who was devastated by my WA for the reasons she has left me. My thread was titled "How can she win ME back" under the name Zbaby44. I have been separated for 5 months. During the interim of our separation she was involved in an affair with another man. This too I found out just recently over a month ago, which not only hurt me all over again, but brought a greater devastation that became more unbearable for me to handle because of the love I had for her.

In the beginning of DB'g, I saw little results and basically threw myself on the LRT. She needed the space and by golly I gave it to her. Did a few 180's that worked great, one being not telling her my whereabouts and getting off the phone first. Drove her crazy at various times. Once I became suspicious of OM, all I have learned and did through DB'g basically went out the window.

Then Oh My dear GOD in heaven my prayers are answered. My WAW called me on Monday night and left a voice message begging me to contact her to give her the time of day and to listen to her. She promised that the truth will be told. When I finally picked up the phone, she was crying so hard begging for my forgiveness and told me that she wants me back. That she never stopped loving me. That she knows her mistake with what she did with the OM. She told me I am the one she cannot live without, that all this was killing her and she vowed on her life that she never wants to loose me ever again.

I am crying as I type this to anyone who will read my thread. DB'g does work if your are patient and can be consistent. We plan on seeing each other on Saturday evening to really really talk and take things slow. She called me this morning to say I love you and I never want to ever loose you again. She has seen the light and her ways and told me that she had a very hard time pushing me away and forgetting me. She wants us to remarry and have a real wedding, she wants to prove to me that I am the love she only needs and ever will want till death do part her!

I have alott or work ahead of me and I cannot thank enough the friends I have made on here, the support, the encouragement, the wisdom, the care and the time givin to me. Hopefully I will be able to visit and keep supporting those who are still doing what I have done in 5 months. God Bless you all!

Virginia Peeples
Assistant to Michele Weiner-Davis
The Divorce Busting Center

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