Hello Success...

My situation is just beginning. I am separated and on the fringe of talking finances and final child visitation. I have a 2 yr old d. To this point i have been totally nice and giving. I have pretty much agreed to give her what she has asked for. Now it seems like I am seeing her taking advantage of the situation. As in your case, should I now draw a hard line.

My W was the one who has left our home with our d and is trying to find herself and thinks that I was never emotionally available to her. I want my W back so bad and I don't want to make a mistake. She left the house on Sept 1.

She has filed for legal separation and now admits she made a mistake. We have a schedule court date on Oct 4, but we are trying to work thinbgs out before that date.

Do you have any suggestions regarding how I should handle things. Again, should I draw a hard line?

Thank you in advance and it is great to see sonmeone whpo has actually fixed their R.