Hi Wolfman,

I'm sorry to read this development. Sending warm holiday wishes to you and yours. I would have replied sooner but my own situation has been quite active lately--good and bad. wink

I think you may still have a shot with your daughter in the nearer term. Clearly, trying to "win" in court is cost-prohibitive, and being "right" isn't scoring with your daughter or psychologist. Your psychologist says you and your D aren't making progress, as you kinda knew. You need to change something if you want a different outcome.

Is this the moment you stop arguing your points and listen to and validate your D? If so, TELL the psychologist that, so they know the next few visits could be more productive and might be worthwhile, then follow through. If they agree no big costs, and another shot at rebuilding a relationship now instead of in a couple of years from now.