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In having a hard time at the moment. And the chances are its because we had a whole months of being just me and the kids with no demands and minimal interaction with H.
And as soon as we were back from holiday, his messing around with schedules, promises made to kids, that i know nothing about, but require day swaps etc, booked time away that has not been coordinated and to too it all off not only did i have a bailiff show up at my house for his debt, but he also had a deep chat with S8 and apparently told him that he should try not saying that he wants to go home or that he misses me for a couple of weeks! Which even s8 thought was strange. They apparently sat him down for a meeting, H,S8 and OW and asked him what they can do to make things better for him, but all he wants is to spend time just his dad and him without OW, and dad seems to be unable to hear him at all, which just makes me sad for S8. He told OW during the convo that he doesnt like her and she cant help him, which i dont know what to make of it. Brave-yes, ok- i dont know, but very honest.
I just feel so worn down by the past week.

Hey Gigi, sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment, it sounds like a tough situation. As WF has said, I think you'll find peace if you focus on what you can, and is, in your control. Be the rock for S8 and the rest will take care of itself.

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