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"I told him its okay I understand that he was right (that if it wasn't him it would have been someone else)"
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Seems like that talk with OM would've been super awkward. I can't imagine doing that in my sitch anyway. Hopefully it help you.
Steve's relationship with OM is unique. If I recall correctly, he was previously Steve's best friend and part of his circle of military buddies. The first time OM betrayed Steve and slept with his wife, Steve and OM attempted to resume a friendship. That may be what's going on again. Personally, I would not want to be friends with someone who betrayed me like that.

Steve, I'm glad you're happy. You first mentioned considering dating this new girl in May--five months ago. You told your kids about her almost immediately, and five months later they "adore" her. Do consider less of her for your kids. If you ever peek at my thread, you'll know I've been on a wild ride dating. Two months in, my kids don't even know I'm dating. As for the kids don't great in school, that's wonderful! And I'm so happy to hear about this new job. Hope things stay on a positive trajectory.

The elephant in the room--I hope leaving the kids to live with GF is no longer in your thoughts. I know it's hard to be separate from someone you love and want to be with.