So an update for those interested.

Been going to church on sundays with my kids, my son really loves it. He went to the adult worship with me this past sunday just "to see what we do down there" instead of the sunday school classes/groups, he liked it.

I had a parent teacher conference for the kids I went with EW, it went well, my daughter is doing really great, the covid/divorce was affecting her attitude and doing school online with zoom. Her teacher told us she is by far the most improved student, I see my little girl's writing and its such a great thing!

My son is getting perfect grades, he is his classes most academically proficient kid. He is a little rowdy on the playground but he is an 8 year old boy. Im okay with that, he doesnt bully or anything and enjoys soccer, he is on the schools soccer team.

I sat down last night with OM. I had to take the kids over there since the EW was at work and her parents are over in AZ for a week spending time in thier future home. I sat with OM and he poured me a drink and we just let it out. I told him how I felt betrayed and pissed for a long time, he told me he understood and apoloigized, he also told me how horrible his EW was. I didnt know but she really did a number on this guy. She took him for over $50,000. I warned him to make sure he stands up for himself with my EW otherwise she will run him over for being too nice. He agreed and said thats why they had issues but he is working on it. He told me that he tries to keep her levelheaded and tells her to let me be and to be nice to me, I know he does. I told him I appreciate that. And we agreed that sometimes god just doesnt have that marriage in his plan for you, no matter how hard you try. He said "im sorry bro but if it wasnt me it would have been someone else" I told him its okay I understand that he was right and that I am really happy now with my GF. My goal is to marry this girl someday and have that solid faithful partner that I wanted to be with and just have a simple life. He encouraged me to do it and told me "you deserve that you are good man"

We talked a little about his religious beliefs he used to follow the church back home overseas but since has given up on it, he felt his life had gone too wrong and lost his faith. I told him that its important to me and to my kids and I hope he respects that and he told me absolutely and of course I will.

Things with the GF are going well, its been about 8 months now, Im going to meet her parents next month, The children absolutely adore her and she loves them. They have met up a couple times with me went out for pizza or to something simple.

Oh and the VA hospital called me for an interview monday, I went yesterday and met with the nursing directors and did a panel interview, it went REALLY good. I feel like I will get it, Ive been trying for 2 years. That means my 10 years of active duty military retirement wont go to waste and Ill have great healthcare for my kids. Im praying for that.

Otherwise things are good, not easy and Im struggling a little to catch up financially on some things but I got a great plan and things are moving along. I let my GF know it is gonna take me awhile to get things ironed out but she told me "dont worry about having anything" she said "I love you for who you are, if you take that job at the VA you will lose money but its selfless to serve the veterans, and she added that I was more than enough for her". Its tough because we are still 4 hours apart, but I have made plans to visit her at least every other week.

The next thing to consider is how to make my LDR not an LDR. But I know in time god will provide us a way to work this out, hes done so much for me already.

Thanks for all the advice you guys gave me. I didnt do it perfect but it worked out. I mainly used that in my new R to stand up for myself and know my value. I am 100000% happier in this new R and its for the simplest reasons.

Will update again if things change.

Thanks again <3

K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.