So just caught up and watched Episode 4. Looked on Wikipedia to find out there's one more episode being released next week.

Definitely think this series is more real/raw/gritty than Sex/Lives which resonated with a lot of themes but seemed more fantastical, if that makes sense.

***Spoiler Alert***

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Episode 2 was very raw and real, just the little things, boy was that an intense episode. Worth a watch but definitely could be triggering.
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It is definitely very real. Episode 2 is just so outrageously real. The BD in Ep 2 send chills down my spine. I had it happen in almost the same setting. I'm glad I am much far removed from it where it wasn't triggering in a spiraling way, but oh boy, i saw that coming.
Yes. The Episode 2 BD scenes real. Incredible how they captured that so accurately.

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If anyone has watched episode 3 yet, what do we think about when he says how much pain he was in every day for a year and she says so was she, despite seemingly having moved in with OM...that she thought about him every day? Do we buy it? My STBX Brother-in-law tried to tell me that STBXW wasn't handling things well and I just couldn't believe it.
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I just watched it OB and I had the exact same thought when that scene happened.

It's so hard to buy that she was thinking about him every day and was in pain and that he's important to her when she just dropped him like a ton of bricks into the depths of an ocean. Like the BD was planned and she already had an OM.

I find it really hard to believe that the WAS is thinking about the LBS with such frequency. Like if you wanted it so badly why the hell did you pull what you pulled. I'm sure they're in pain, but I think from the LBS perspective it's hard to believe. We need some WAS to come up in here and tell us.
I really don't have any idea. It's hard for me to buy too. It doesn't make any sense. It's easy to think the WW/WAS rides off into the sunset but we hear stories of folks' Exs on here having very difficult times behind the scenes. My perception was it seemed so easy for my then-W to do all this and end the marriage / break up the family, but she lashed out and told me back before physical separation in what seemed to be a moment of honesty that I have no idea how she cries in the car and breaks down when I'm not around. So who knows. Guess it doesn't matter anyway...

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I'm with you M, I cringed at the stuff he was doing, it was so unattractive, but I too did similar things. The phone call dumping his girlfriend was clearly too unattractive for her in the end though, her interest obviously dropped down again when she realised he really hadn't changed all that much.
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Yeah she was intrigued and kinda attracted to the 'new' him and that he had a GF. Him dumping the GF was definitely super unattractive and you could just see it in her face and body language. All that desire to sleep with him probably went out the window.
Dumping the GF on the phone right when he had her in the bed was definitely cringeworthy. Remind me to never do that LOL

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It was amazing how she tried to justify uprooting him and the daughter just so she could go and live a WAS life in London - so conniving and selfish. She's still got the same mindset from BD and now that the OM is almost done with her, she wants to have the pining LBS around.
So conniving! She's trying to soften him up and drag daughter around the world to live near AP!

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It was also incredible seeing how she responded to him asking for a divorce - like she wasn't expecting it and that it wouldn't eventually come if she continued on the path.
Yep! Power is flipping...

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I really resonated when he said, "I've been wanting this moment for 2 years," and now that it's in front of him, he realizes he doesn't want it. The writing and research is so on point. Even though the show is hard to watch at times, I'm enjoying it because it's showing how it really goes down.
Yeah, like the vindication - it's every LBS's fantasy - but also wonder how often that happens in real life. Seems a little too perfect for him whereas lot of sitches on here the LBS never gets the satisfaction. Also, don't see it happening in my case but would feel bad for ExW to see her break down like that

A couple things that jumped out in Episode 4:

OM tells her: "You don't want my kid because you'll always see me as the guy who broke up your family."

Kids Custody Schedule - I found it a bit heart-wrenching when the wife is on the phone with the daughter who is upset and confused about the schedule and which day of the week she's with whom and she responds "that's what we decided / check your chart". I feel for my kids there because D3 is always asking "are we going to mommy's / who's going to pick me up" and I've been making a calendar for them.

Signing D documents - I felt emotions bubbling up when they were signing the documents, brought back memories of my own just a few months ago...

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