Hey Navarro,

It appears he is feeling the fear that he may have lost you. This is a good thing.

I can only speak from my personal experience when my ex (she left and came back 3x) wanted to come back home.

Every time she started to feel the fear that I had moved on, she would call or text and cry. One time she wept in front of me in a Starbucks for 2 hours. Every time I would take her words and actions at face value and drop my guard.

When I would drop my guard, we would go back into a honeymoon phase. Lots of love, sex etc. But those periods were short lived and she would revert back to her old behaviors within months and we would fall back into old patterns and she would leave again.

Looking back, I should have taken much more time to see just how serious she was about our relationship. I should have established more boundaries in regards to what I was willing to accept from a partner and given her the time to prove whether she was capable of staying in an imperfect relationship, or not.

My advice - take things very slowly. I think there's some positives here but your H's feelings can and most likely will change regularly. One day he might miss your relationship, and the next day he might value his independence as a single man. You want to look for consistency, over time, to trust that what he's telling you is real and not just a fleeting feeling that he has that day.