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Episode 4 - wow wow wow!!!


That was an incredible episode. In the beginning I thought he was going to be weak, but he came back and stood his ground. Finally, the WAS wants to come back but the LBS has moved on. I couldn't help but feel a sense of justice and vindication for him.

Whatcha think OB?


Yeah, he was pretty strong wasn't he. I thought maybe there was a bit of waver until he found out that her and OM broke up 2 weeks prior, that seemed to strengthen his resolve again. But talk about a complete switch in circumstances. "I don't have feelings for you anymore", that would have hurt her, but its pretty much what everyone on here has heard at BD. I thought he handled things pretty classily, not to seem smug about the change in fortunes.

Its funny how in the second episode she said she knew it was all so cliched and predictable and this sequence of events was no different to that. As LH is fond of saying, focus on yourself and making a great life and you won't care whether they come back. This played out exactly like that. The writers have definitely done their research.

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