I should probably keep my mouth shut, but none of this makes sense .

Moving to escape the drama of your ex by moving into her parents house? This is just baffles me. Your ex will come and go as she pleases in her parents house. It sounds like you are placing yourself smack dab into the middle of drama. Literally inserting yourself into it.

A shared attorney for a divorce and custody? That’s a conflict of interest if I ever heard of one totally unethical. And totally not smart!

And needing money for the deposit on your apartment , yet you are getting an expensive tattoo? Live free off your inlaws, move your kids a few extra times so you can get a tattoo? I have tattoos and I know that one is likely a large portion of the deposit you need for your apartment.

You actually on impulse and in the moment. Moving hours away, then telling your ex to move hours away, now this week, she’s too close, so you gotta move in with the in laws and right this moment the kids need an extra bedroom? You are also still keeping yourself enmeshed. Living with her parents? Calling her to wish her a nice trip in Mexico? Come on dude.

Slow down and make smart decisions! Think then through! You really need to adult up and provide some stability for you and your kids and totally unmesh yourself from your ex. I mean, is your GF going to come visit you at your ex In laws house?

Slow down, be smart, prioritize, and think long term

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