Hi Steve_, the legal advice you got sounds incomplete. Child custody percentages and child support may be renegotiated until your kids complete school, and petitioning for a change doesn't require anything as grand as a felony or winning the lotto. That's because the court's interests are to ensure the children are provided for. Note, I'm not a lawyer and this doesn't constitute legal advice.

Given the dubious advice I was curious how you found an attorney--

Originally Posted by Steve_
My WW got the lawyer when OM got his lawyer.

The L also told me since he represented both of us if she wanted to change terms on me she would need a new L and a whole new 5,000$ plus retainer and would have to wait until the judgment was stamped, so there is literally jack squat she can do.

The L comforted me so well about her being unable to really do anything to me since she signed the agreement and as long as I hold up my end there isn't jack squat she can legally do. Unless I get arrested or win the lottery it stands.

I'm skeptical this attorney legally represented your WW and now legally represents both of you. That would normally be considered a conflict of interest. You might double-check. Also, procuring a new attorney doesn't require a $5,000 retainer. Plenty make do with $500 or $2000. I believe your state also provides free resources. If a change is warranted expect it to happen.