I just watched it OB and I had the exact same thought when that scene happened.

Spoiler alert.............

It's so hard to buy that she was thinking about him every day and was in pain and that he's important to her when she just dropped him like a ton of bricks into the depths of an ocean. Like the BD was planned and she already had an OM.

I find it really hard to believe that the WAS is thinking about the LBS with such frequency. Like if you wanted it so badly why the hell did you pull what you pulled. I'm sure they're in pain, but I think from the LBS perspective it's hard to believe. We need some WAS to come up in here and tell us.

I also didn't buy it when she said that he was important to her. Some of the stuff he (LBS) did made me cringe - like reading her his notes. But then I remembered that I also did stuff that makes me cringe now.

No one is coming to save you!