So the EW settled down a lot after things with her OM and I were patched up. (Tbh I couldn’t care less bout him, I’m thankful for that dude and I feel bad for him tbh).

Anyhow I am packing up my apartment, the EW is gonna (officially) move back In with OM. I’m going to go stay with the IL’s for a couple months and really save some $ and pay some things off. They are happy about it because I’ll get to see my kids every single day and also they are taking more and more trips out to AZ where they will be moving to within a year or so. This way the grandparents don’t have to deal with the stress of watching these kids all the time and I get them every day. Not to mention I will be able to really erase some debt and save some money in the next couple months.

The IL’s Even started going to the same church I do. I go at 9 with the kids and they go at 11. But it’s been great. I had to hang in there that things would get better, believe in it and pray for it and so far things are really turning around. I won’t live in la la land and I’ll keep ready to document anything that goes sideways but for now things are finally looking up and moving on.

K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.