Turns out Cwarrior that his EW had her brother hit her in the face and give her a shiner. She called the cops, he got arrested. But the case was dismissed after he was able to prove he was not anywhere near her. And he has his kids back on weekends now.

He had to file a restraining order on her brothers because they had been following him around threatening him for awhile. His ex is the definition of scorned. His D wont be done for a very long time. He apparently tried to file D a few years back and his W pulled some crazy then and he backed down. Somehow my EW convinced him she was worth it all...lol

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K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.