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Kids are still struggling, more so S7 (soon to be 8), he is angry at H, often declines to go and stay and very much seeing H for who he is. Whilst im not responsible for his relationship with H, im concerned about S7 emotional wellbeing.
Sorry to hear your kids are struggling. That must be tough. I know it weighs on me.

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Otherwise i generally feel calmer and more content, even his randomness doesnt trigger too much of an emotional response anymore.
That sounds positive.

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Im not ready to actively go out there and date, i think i will be once we have resolved all outstanding issues, finance, house and once we are in the process of divorce. I also dont think that introducing anyone into the kids lives at the moment would he a gold idea.
I waited until my D was finalized, and don't regret it. I haven't done much in the months since either - don't think it hurts to wait. If you do decide to start dating I think you're wise to hold off on intros to the kids. They don't need any more instability in their lives at this point.

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