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I expect too much too quick. You’ve really put things into perspective in that last message. His intentions are honest (finally). I’ve got to be better and I’ve got to be open minded to this. I’ve gotta be the one to except it instead of criticize and critic it. I’m looking for anything bad and he’s trying with everything he has. It’s me!!! I am my own worst enemy. Thank you warrior, thank you!!

I didn't get this message from what Warrior posted.

You expect too much?? No. Too quick, big YES.

You don't know that his intentions are honest. (You don't know that they are not). TIME.

Accepting behavior without criticizing or critiquing? He was unfaithful, of COURSE you need to evaluate behaviors. Over time. Are they consistent? Do they match the words coming out of his mouth? So no, criticizing isn't helpful. But certainly notice and evaluate.

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