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He limited the communication she had with him so that there was a written record. One of the general rules is to limit all communication to between your lawyers, and through email.
Working out logistics through email as opposed to via phone will help in a several ways: 1) it will create a documented record of what you two agreed upon as opposed to he said / she said, 2) it will probably lead to less escalation of emotions than a verbal conversation would and even if it doesn't it's easier to target your response to the "business" items and ignore the emotional portion, and 3) it will eliminate the possibility of your kids overhearing the arguments you're having via phone and keep them more insulated from the arguments.

Working 100% through a L would be even better in that regard, but it does have the downside of being quite expensive and can also take much longer (there are now two intermediaries involve with varying schedules and responsiveness).

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IF she approaches you at kid hand offs you record the interaction. Make sure she is aware you are recording because in many places secretly recording someone is illegal.
Look up the laws in your state about recording communications. My state is a one-party consent state meaning In mine it's perfectly legal to record without telling the other person assuming you're a party to the conversation. In other states notification of both parties is required.

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And make sure you have a really good lawyer!

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