Well to make things more clear. I have them weekends now, I get them Saturday late night through Tuesday evening. This was because she wanted the weekends with no kids, her being a bartender the weekends are her $. So I was having hopes that pulling back to Friday -Sunday would give me an opportunity to still have time with my kids weekly and not disrupt the school or other patterns of their life. I have 50/50 custody but she has always had more time with them. That’s been for this whole year.

I admit 100% I got off on the wrong foot with her, a lot has happened in this year of D process but never has she threatened to take my kids away and use nonsense to do so. That was always off limits. The arguing about that began just a couple days ago. Typically things were getting better. I finally spoke to her today. She stormed down to the lawyers office and demanded xyz. The attorney pretty much told her that she made her bed and she has to lay in it. Since I pay all my support and more, and I am active with my kids and want to continue to be she couldn’t really Just take them away. So she settled down.

Finally the issue surfaced. She is upset that she wants to move forward with OM and the kids are not on board here. When she left the M and moved the kids in 2 weeks later there was a lot of issues. My sons behavior got unpleasant toward her. And now that she wants to try to recon with OM and make everything honky dory she wants me to help essentially facilitate her R with om by asking my kids to be nice and not be angry with her and pretty much accept her choice. I have not said 1 word to OM for over a year. I haven’t asked my kids to rebel against thier R. But now she seems to be serious again and wants to settle with OM once again. So the threats came from her essentially saying “help me wrangle the kids to support my R or I will make your life hard”

I told her well that sort of comes with the territory of what her and OM did. But I will talk to the kids and I will try to help her get the children in a nuestros
State. I asked her to do the co parenting classes and to work on stability for the kids. Her on again off again R with OM is creating a lot of strife. She agreed and apologized. I talked to her about finances. I said if I work my 3 shifts (12’s) tues weds thurs and get he kids after school fri and brine them back Monday if that would work. She agreed and said she would work with that. I don’t hold much hope without in writing, but it seems things settled down. I want to try to work with what I can, but she is real stubborn on having the weekends off so she can work those days. I feel like as long as I stay calm, say less and refuse to argue things will be ok.

K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.