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I asked to her calm down, once again ask if her and I can talk to the children, work this out and not do all this. She said I will tell them you have PTSD and abused me and you were an alcoholic. Etc etc... she has really gone for the gold here. Fortunately this is all via text message. I called the L's office, she was not there. I asked her not to contact me unless it is productive and to please calm down and work with me for the sake of the children. She continues to threaten to use alleged events from years prior to gain custody, file restraining orders, and threaten my time with the kids.

While a tangent, I urge you to banish "calm down" from your list of replies to women. Although not the big issue, I suspect I'm not the only one cringing when they read that. It tends to be dismissive, belittling (instead of validating) her emotional reaction and ignoring the substance of her speech.