I wanted to talk to her today like an adult about potentially just taking the kids 3 days a week. (its what I do now anyhow) but I would pick them up friday after school and return them sunday night. This means I would not be interfering with the kids school and I will have them fri night-sun night Every week. (yeah not gonna happen now, she has gone ballistic).

Right now I have them saturday late at night until tuesday evening. Well, my kids went back to her today and my son is having some ill will toward her. He is unhappy about the fighting, he has heard they way she talks (we been in the car when i've answered phone calls) and he is aware she has moved back in with OM. He has over heard her and I arguing about her taking the custody away from me and me responding to her threats. I do this outside with my patio door shut but he has overheard and last week when she was physically there he heard her yelling at me in the parking lot.

I am admit that I need to stop engaging with her, I have to just let it slide and not let the threats get my goat, but these things regarding custody have really bothered me. My kids got involved in the back and forth and I know that is not good. I asked her if she would be willing to go to coparenting classes and sit down with the kids or the family and even the L and work this out, things are getting out of hand.

She decided to tell me she is at the L's office and is demanding that I pay her $800 that I havent paid the last 2 months since we agreed to cut the support back a little. (I dont legally have to pay anything until the order is completed and Ive paid over $13,000 just to be supportive). So that is not really cool, the next thing is her saying I am filing a restraining order on you because you threatened me and my kids and I will message your *&%(^ girlfriend and tell her to stay the F away from my kids enjoy your life good bye.

I asked to her calm down, once again ask if her and I can talk to the children, work this out and not do all this. She said I will tell them you have PTSD and abused me and you were an alcoholic. Etc etc... she has really gone for the gold here. Fortunately this is all via text message. I called the L's office, she was not there. I asked her not to contact me unless it is productive and to please calm down and work with me for the sake of the children. She continues to threaten to use alleged events from years prior to gain custody, file restraining orders, and threaten my time with the kids.

I know I need to keep the kids out of our arguing, I should have done a better job. She has become enraged at how my son is acting toward her because of the threats she is making. He is scared she is going to take my custody away. I told him that is not going to happen.

Something needs to give before this mess becomes a permanent effect on the kids more so than it has. I feel like I want to really push for this coparenting class and get the L to mediate the custody issue. My deciding to move has not occured yet, and wont occur for like 7 months, yet she is making these threats now. Telling the children and her family I am abandoning them and etc.. the petty fighting and threats are really the issue. I gotta stop this before it gets worse. Later she sends me a picture of the attorney's office door telling me to "call her bluff" I was hoping this would not come to this but clearly it has. I see myself in court a lot in the future, and my R with the girlfriend dissapearing as well because of this.

K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.