Maybe I'm confused, but something isn't adding up...

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She will have no choice but to go to her support system where I am moving (45) minutes from me or she will have to stay and move kids in with her and OM.

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They'll have to be in the car for 1.5 plus additional hours per day? I'm super confused.

You're 45 minutes away (and with LA traffic, 45 minutes is like the time it will take to get from one neighborhood to the other) -- I'm guessing that during some times of the day you might be literally hours from your kids-- how are you going to pick them up and make sure they're okay?

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Her and I agreed on moving to LA. That puts us 4 hours closer to both sets of grandparents, this her and I agreed on.

How can LA be 45 mins from you and also 4 hrs closer to both sets of grandparents? Exactly how far away is LA from where you, your kids, and your ExW currently live?

Btw...I assume that agreement to move to LA was casual and not a formal legally binding document? If I were you, I would be very wary of moving outside a reasonable area from your kids (whether it's 45 mins or 4 hrs) without first finalizing some sort of attorney-reviewed and court-signed custody agreement, regardless of your prior verbal agreement with her to move there. That might have a significant impact on the court's decision in a custody hearing.

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