Mr warrior thank you! I’ve heard about gaslighting but I’m not exactly familiar with the term.
It seems as though you’ve given me two different angles. Have I mentioned the EA is still in the picture? They work together, he is her boss. When he left he said I had lost my mind. Maybe I had? He refused to fire her and said it was nothing more then friends and in time I would see that I was wrong. I haven’t spoken her name in 2 years. When he recently said that he had done nothing with anyone, it was in a moment of pity. He wasn’t trying to convince me there was no one else. He doesn’t answer to me and I do not ask. He was merely saying he lives a pathetic life that he is not proud of. I believe maybe by chance he was meaning that he has never moved on from me. Not saying he never would but more saying that he hasn’t made his choice on what he needed to do in that moment.
It was after this reveal (if that’s what you call it) that he came through and started becoming more influencing in our lives and eager to be apart of our lives. He has not came through to mend a broken relationship in this moment I don’t feel like. I think he is merely working on himself. When he spoke of trying to come home it wasn’t for the sake of me or him either one….I think he is trying to heal himself. He isn’t ready to mend a M yet because he is still working within.
The warning of him being still being in chaos is appreciated. That’s a guard that hasn’t been removed yet. The person he was the first two years was capable of anything but the person I am seeing now is the person that I use to know before the crisis. I forgot what that person looked like and it’s nice to see him. I’m not fooled that he may not be here to stay but he is welcomed for now. I have missed this person. He didn’t come back easily either! I’ve at least gotta give him the chance he didn’t receive when he left.