Such kind words of wisdom! This whole MLC reeks havoc in life for many years. Who even knows what right and wrong is? I am beginning to feel right individually and alone but the future is very sketchy to say the least.
The EA is def a situation of distrust and betrayal. Although, this happened only 18 months after I had found out about the original affair. My head was still spinning from that and I was looking/punishing my H for anything and everything. I was in a bad place at this time and he was to. I believe this was the cause of the crisis. I never really forgave him for the first A and we were both in a really bad place. I was looking for anything because my trust was completely gone. I think when I began to accuse him of the EA he then realized that he realized he ruined things and no matter what he did he could never conceive me that he was trustworthy. He folded after that! He gave up. I do belive this is his fault but I do hold some blame to. I wanted my M and I wanted my H but I made him suffer for a long time. I should not have made him live in the misery. I told him I forgave him but I never really did.
Our M has not been right for so long but I do think we both still love each other. We wouldn’t be here still trying to hang on if we didn’t. He is finally becoming a person that might could be a good H again and I am becoming a person who might become a good W again. Maybe, just maybe we will get an opportunity to move forward or find closure. My heart isn’t set on either. I pray and I hope God will guide us. Thank you soooo much for your words of wisdom! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!