Thanks for chiming in. I'm probably getting at a question which you (or anyone else) can't possibly answer, and recognize it's not "focusing on me and the kids", but if I'm being honest I do wonder what's going to happen with OM2 in the future...

In reading your thread the similarities of our Exs moving another person in with the kids and rushing things along immediately after separation struck me. My now ExW moved OM2 in with the kids very quickly, including him and his family attending my D2's birthday party the next month, vacationing together, and now buying a house directly across the street from OM2's sister! Very similar to when ExW & I got together - integrating with the families - only now there are kids (mine!) involved.

D2 talks about going for ice cream (or whatever) with "Mommy and OM2" and I have to swallow my feelings and smile and listen as she's too young to understand. S6 doesn't bring him up at all, don't know if that means he's been told not to or if he knows something isn't quite right and feels the need to protect my feelings.

So, part of me wonders if she's just replaced me and my family with a new happy family of her own and will ride off into the sunset, or if there are underlying issues that will surface down the road for them, and I should brace for my kids' sake. one can predict the future, but due to our similarities and considering things blew up between your Ex & the new guy, was just wondering if I might be two years behind you and am most interested with your thoughts on my sitch, whether anything jumped out or resonated with you, and any related advice. Part of me is still hoping things don't work out for them.

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S:6 D:3
BD/IHS/Confirm EA/PA: Feb '20
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W/OM2 & moves out: June-July '20
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OM2 confirmed: 9/2020
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