Ok begging is a bad choice of word, I agree.
Point is was/ws must IMO be the one to initiate and “push” R.

With regards to boobjobs and the like.
I was questioning whether she had even considered it. It is absolutely a personal choice and if it is something that someone (man or woman) feels the need to do I am all for it. Though believing it will not be analyzed by the people around you, including kids, is delusional IMO. If it were me who had done some sort of surgery (I am bald myself so definitely at least considered it at times) I would really think hard about the day I would talk about it with my kids (young and adults).

Me: 34
Stbxw: 30
D:5 D:3
Mini bd: May/June 2019
Married: Aug 2019
BD: 6th Dec 2019
OM Confirmed: Feb 2020
March 2020: I filed for D
Waiting for D to be finalized and W to move out end of January 2021