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Auto Recap--I have a check engine light and my mechanic said I needed an electrical mechanic.

Electrical Mechanic Visit #1 - He claimed he fixed a wiring short causing the light. I asked how he fixed it--did he replace the connector, wiring, or what? He said, "I just fixed the short." What does that mean? I see no wiring or electrical tape changes. The light returned the next day.

Electrical Mechanic Visit #2 - He said now a new code was appearing saying the sensor needed replacing. I said great, so the original code is cleared and there's a new one. He said yes. He said the part was $285. I said hmm.. I'd already replaced it and that part cost $70. He said ones from shops are often "uncalibrated" and installing it is "delicate". It's actually a really simple part requiring no calibration and it's easy to test or replace. I Googled and the OEM part is $120. I said I'd take care of it, but it's great he cleared a code. I asked what the new code was. He wouldn't share the code at first. I said the original code was Pxxx. He said yes, that's the code. Hmm. I may need to find yet another mechanic.

I'm a terrible patient, but I need an honest doctor.