Butterfly, thanks, I'm with you. I "get" this is distancer/pursuer and that's a turn-off. I don't want drama. I'll go through with today but I'd rather be working and cleaning my house. I guess our plans are going to strengthen my outdoor skills and she'll get that disinterest she's after?

I didn't use any mushy words--I think she was more focused on my actions: a) my rejected attempt at a kiss after being read a 4-section romantic poem she wrote for me and expressing approval at her creativity in writing it and her bravery in sharing it, b) when I scooted closer on the couch she popped up, c) When she asked me to move the table into the backyard for our 4-course meal I moved the c hairs from being across from each other to being on sides next to each other.

She did say the night might have ended differently if I'd invited her over and made her dinner.