Engine code cleared! The electrical auto mechanic said it took him 5 minutes to fix the wiring--on the house. He also spent 2 minutes "touching up" my previous repair. I'm seeing him for "loud engine noise" in 2 days. His above investments tell me he thinks it'll be expensive, lol.


First kisses. Short. 1-2 seconds each. No tongue. Omigosh! Get me out of my head!!! How is it I'm Ginger's age (I agree) but sometimes feel like a teenager, lmao.

"Drop expectations.", "Go with the flow." "Don't be formulaic." "This is your last chance to kiss her." I guess, kiss if/when I'm feeling it, don't kiss if/when I'm not, get out of my head about expectations, worries, what this means for the future, etc. What is meant to be will be, and is more likely to be if I get out of my own way and enjoy the moment instead of strategizing.

Although, I put a change of clothes in my car. Boy Scout. wink