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I feel completely alone. Saying that, I'm going out today with a couple of other people just to get out and I did find a couple of meetup groups that meet once and week.
That's fantastic! GAL is strongly correlated with positive outcomes.
It was nice yesterday, but felt really strange, like I'm in some strange reality in my head. Meetup groups are only online, none around here that meet IRL at the moment. There was one groups but they are in a different part of the country.

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But only got internet for a couple of weeks then that's that gone.
Have you worked out borrowing your neighbor's wi-fi or public access points? I understand not wanting to do banking on public wi-fi, but maybe accessing Meetup is okay?
The neighbours aren't interested in letting me borrow - I have asked twice now. The public wifi here has only 2 spots in the town - a cafe and a pub - and they are both really weak and keep timing out. It's a nightmare.

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