Thanks for asking. Things have been tough, emotionally and practically. I understand what you were saying from my wife perspective that she just wants the best for her, but I just can't get over the way she has gone about it - pretending everything was fine up until the last moment but planning a year or so in advance, on so on.... It is cold and it has effected me terribly.

I may have lost the house I was going for due to the complications of this maintenance claim and my lawyer advising I wait a few days. That few days has now turned into over 2 weeks and still no outcome. If I still have a chance to get this house (I called them yesterday and am waiting a callback) then I may suggest that my wife just settle on paying my years rent (which I need to put up front and will be the claim money that she unlawfully removed a year prior to leaving) & legal costs, then I will have no further claim on her , or her on me. Not in my best interests, but if this goes on further I will be left with absolutely nothing as it will go on both the wife and the lawyer. So really I don't see the point. I am thinking a clean break and retain my pension funds to fall back on.

Everything seems to complicated. My wife said at the start of this that she wanted to keep things simple and not rack-up legal costs, yet she's once again doing exactly the opposite. I don't trust anything she does or says.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't struggling and I seem to be stuck getting stuff done, liking sorting out the house contents/packing. I am part-way through but it slowed/stopped when all this court stuff for maintenance got going.

I feel the whole world is out to get me at the moment and truly wish that I had an income to help give me more options. My vertigo and other symptoms have been awful, so has the doctor and I feel completely alone. Saying that, I'm going out today with a couple of other people just to get out and I did find a couple of meetup groups that meet once and week. But only got internet for a couple of weeks then that's that gone.

I'll know more once I get a response from the rental agent.

Sorry it wasn't more upbeat!

M(55), W(45)
BD1: Apr-2011, BD2: 23-May-21, NC (15 June '21)
Divorce Filed (16 July '21)
When you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to trust it's there.