I've been vacillating lately between "life is good" and anger moments...

Great GAL last weekend went out of town to visit a good friend and went to a great restaurant we like in his city and to a professional baseball game of our rival teams. Downloaded a few self-help audio books recommended here (Richard Cooper's Unplugged Alpha & Corey Wayne's 3% Man) to listen to on the long drive. Also did a golf tournament / dinner with a whole bunch of buddies this week.

Continue to crush it with the kids and like ScottB feeling great during my time with them. S6 loves fishing lately and we've been out twice, caught another fish and also unexpectedly a pet frog. Have taken them to a pool and a lake with a beach front. Had a "this is wonderful" moment pitching baseball to him in the backyard before dinner the other night and another when we all swimming together in the lake.

However, I'm also feeling anger at times directed towards my ExW, OM2, and Ex-MIL. Reminds me of the discussion on ScottB's thread recently. Wishing at times karma would come to them and I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore in terms of the kids. I have some work to do processing those negative feelings. We've been going back and forth over email on logistics over vacations, which doesn't help. Hopefully those feelings dissipate over more time...

Me:39 Ex-W:37
M:7 T: 9
S:6 D:3
BD/IHS/Confirm EA/PA: Feb '20
OM1 affair ends: May '20
W/OM2 & moves out: June-July '20
W files for D: Jul20
OM2 confirmed: 9/2020
Divorced: May '21