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This would make them delusional to believe the lies they tell and a pathological liar.
Yes, viewing your ex as wonderful or as the worst of villains are usually both self-delusions. No, I wouldn't call you a pathological liar. You're human. (:

Try to separate out in your mind what she says in court--a legal business matter--from what she says elsewhere. She wrote you a letter about the breakup. A very kind one, if I recall correctly.
I was querying as to the WAS being pathological liars if they believe what they are saying - not me!

She didn't write me a letter, just a text message when she dumped me, saying that she won't abandon me and will pay the rent and bills til end of august. She has gone back on everything she said - all lies of course - and hasn't kept to anything. So even if it sounded nice, she hasn't kept to anything she said.

I don't view her as a villain, or wonderful at this stage, I just want to get out of this worsening situation - My lawyer has just billed me �2850 for one month for doing almost nothing. This is the money I need to move and rent a new house - divorce shouldn't be this expensive, but she has been going on about maintenance payments and this has taken the money I think.

Every day this situation gets a little bit worse. Every time I put my trust in somebody my life gets worse and I have less money. It's like I'm getting kicked in the gut over and over again and there's nothing I can do. How much more?

M(55), W(45)
BD1: Apr-2011, BD2: 23-May-21, NC (15 June '21)
Divorce Filed (16 July '21)
When you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to trust it's there.