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I have to be honest, GAl with kids is great, we generally do loads together. Friday we went for a walk with alpacas and a picnic, saturday went to the cinema, sunday went to a working farm to feed the animals. The 2 days that the kids are with H i work long days, occasionally ill meet a friend, go for a walk, exercise or spend time listening to a lecture. Being a single parent is full on, i also work pretty much full time and do additional hours as much as i can whilst im getting paid for it. Im not really sure what else i can fit in and when.

Ok, sounds like you are doing fairly well. As long as you are being honest with yourself here. Are you in IC?

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I guess im not struggling without H, in frustrated with the fact that he is not communicating to try and resolve this, and i dont understand why, as he clearly has moved on. If it was me, i would absolutely be there talking and organising things, getting rid of joint accounts, changing names and bills etc. I have asked him so many times to move the car lease in my name as i drove the car but it has been 5 months and he hasnt done it. I offered him mediation to see if that would help progress, but he refused. These are my frustrations, i guess i recognise that im moving to a place like many lbs where i will be the ones filing, else nothing will happen.

Logic doesn't work with WASs. They are not logical, they are going on emotions and feelings. All of the logistics you mention are counter to emotions and feelings. They remind him of what was. They are seen as drudgery and details he doesn't want to deal with. So many LBSs with walkaways that have left and moved on struggle with the loose ends. Most end up having to tie them up themselves.

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