Thank you so much for the response! I have seen it so easily today. I watched for days on this thread and saw nothing new. I guess I just assumed that it wasnt seen or posted. I know I have a long way to go but things sure have my head spinning. Ive never been at a loss for words but I am speechless. Ive became so regular at what not to say that Ive forgotten how to respond to him. He quoted again tonight in a message I sure miss my old life and I would have never left to begin with if I hadnt been hurting. Hes made that same comment 3 times this week. Something is happening and it seems to be happening fast. He is beginning to hold some recognition and hes also beginning to speak openly about it. He is becoming productive. These are things Ive not seen in so so long. Its like a switch has flipped. Not sure here its going but I am hopeful that I have a positive journey ahead. Thank you again for your responses. I will post more now that I know my posts are being seen 🤗. Thank you!!!