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I am sorry but I had to say something to my son. I try very hard to be the nice guy and bite my tongue, but I am sorry, this really aggravated me.

When I feel strong emotions is often precisely when I bite my tongue. Must this be expressed now--or could it be expressed in an hour, in a day, when I've cooled down and organized my thoughts? It's not about being nice. It's about achieving your goals--a strong relationship with your kids and a working relationship with your XW. Ready2Change said it well, "There are significantly better ways to help your children deal with unhealthy parenting styles."

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Also, for the past 3 weeks that I have called him, he hasnít answered once. I call him the same time everyday. Granted can they be busy at that time, possibly but for 3 weeks?

Does your custody schedule entitle you to talk to your son daily during her custody time? If YES, I would report the violation. If NO, that was generous of her to allow you extra time for so long. Her stopping indicates your co-parenting relationship with her is deteriorating. Is there anything you can do to improve that? The more you can do to bump up your relationship and not bump down your relationship, the more you may get "perks" like the above.

"Dear XW,

I get I have not always been the co-parent dreams are made of. This transition has been tough. I want to do better. I don't expect a response now, but expect me to be more receptive than defensive the next time you reach out about the kids (e.g., something you'd prefer to happen at both homes or that I could do to make their lives easier.)


Based on prior communications, you seem to be allowed to communicate with your XW. I would not admit any faults that could be used against you in a courtroom. You could consult your attorney if you're unsure about your wording.