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I hate to say it, but this show will be brining a lot of LBS to this site. The traffic will start to pick up.

The ending threw me off. I wasn't expecting it to go that far. It kinda made no sense in my eyes. She worked hard to shift her mind set the entire series and than the last few minutes, she said F it. Ok!

But, it shows, that people are uber selfish, she didn't want to give up her husband or Brad. She wanted them both. But what's also crazy, is both men were being played by Billie. They both were willing to give her up to the other man, to make her happy. Both men fought for her and she did what she wanted to do, no matter what. And her kids be dam.

Lastly, they made the entire, reason for her unhappiness, about not being satisfied sexually, that her husband wasn't sexual enough, than they put her and Cooper in multiple situations, where he was willing to go the extra mile sexually, but it was never good enough. Instead of her allowing Coop to leave, she wanted the married life, for her own portrayal.
So, the entire time, she wanted to be with Brad, not because, he was a better man, but because he gave her better memories dealing with sex.

I think a lot from the LBS perspective were accurate. I think at first Billie was Wayward, but the last episode she knew what she was doing and that can't be forgiven.

Also, Coop didn't believe a word she told him, he put that tracker on her a##. LOL

I was shocked by the ending. 100% wayward and 100% selfish.

and Cooper is right - there is a huge dark stain on not just the marriage but him.

This selfish woman turned a good man into something he didn't even recognize