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I'm curious--I'd see this as a yellow "caution" flag. 3 failed marriages tell me she made vows too quickly and learned from her mistakes too slowly. But, if this were 5+ years ago, and she could articulate what she'd done to change, she might be okay. Admittedly, people tell me I'm too slow to call a flag red, so I ask why 3 failed marriages potentially due to abuse is an absolute dealbreaker for you out of curiosity.

Fair question, but i think the biggest mistake a LBS spouse makes is to ignore the flags, if the lady is pretty / gorgeous / flirty / interested etc.. She was all of those.

Our date was roughly 1st week in October 2020.

On chatting to her, i found out she has kicked her current husband ( so seperated ) out on something like the 18th September 2020!!! - Yes - She was out dating weeks after seperating.

Very Broken IMO - hence, nice to meet you, i'll ge the bill.

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