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Wants division of assets, where he literally splits everything 50/50.

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Your H wants division of assets at 50/50 right? What are you thinking about this?

What is he entitled to legally? Maybe he's feeling guilty and wants a smooth exit and is offering 50/50 even though he's entitled to more. If so, you should jump at the chance to make the best deal for yourself. But if he's not entitled to half and you're entitled to more, I personally wouldn't settle. Talk with an L and understand what you're legally entitled to, and then make it a business decision/negotiation.

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H is going away for a week or so, so wont see the kids for a bit. Would you say that once he is back we continue with our normal schedule or would it be expected that he has more nights when back?
As i type it i think its ridic, but its the type of thing that might come up, as im accused of bot letting him see the kids more often.

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I can't advise on whether or not your H gets "makeup" time when he gets back. I would learn towards no unless you choose to be nice about it.

What is best for your children? That's the most important factor, and the question my parents often come back to me with when discussing my sitch. It's easy of getting into a negotiation and trying to "win" when it comes to time with the kids - admittedly I've gotten caught up in that early on - but the best thing to do would be to put aside your personal feelings and do what's best for the kids. Now, maybe he's abusive or doesn't care for them...etc. and it's better for them to be more with you, but if he's a good dad and the kids would benefit from seeing him maybe it's best to allow him more time when we returns from his trip. Try to find that balance between being taken advantage of with constant requests for schedules changes that disrupt your life and being flexible for him so he's willing to accommodate your potential future schedule needs. Ultimately "what's best for the kids" should be everyone's primary consideration, but I can certainly relate to the emotions involved which can cloud that goal.

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