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What all of us in piecing are sharing is that we are still struggling with various things. For me, I'm struggling enough with trust that being ridiculed for taking my H back, or having my advice to a poster to give a situation some time rather than kicking their waffling S out immediately being derided as only delaying the inevitable... it isn't good for my own healing or mental health to get those kind of attacks. I'd like to stay engaged and help people the way that others have helped me. But I really needed a break. If I do come back more regularly, I simply won't engage with the bullies anymore. And it does sound like getting the piecing board moving could help those of us in piecing connect and not cloud the issues for newbies.

To everyone who has posted here on blu's thread in recent days, and as May indicates above:

I think many of us would love for you to come back and share your advice and your experiences with the rest of us.

Yes, there will always be people who don't mean well, or who have gone through too much pain and trauma that causes them to completely misinterpret and hurt other people. They must indeed either be corrected, or simply ignored so that they can learn from their mistakes and heal.

But please think about all the other people who appreciate your help and insight.

Trust me, there's a lot more of them.

So, when you're ready, just go for it, we'll be incredibly grateful to you all! xxx

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