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I honestly left that comment alone because I got kind of heated out of the gate reading it. And me typing when heated isn't a good thing. There's a reason there are multiple posters on the board. Perspective. Perspective is what gives a person the ability to see all sides and all avenues going forward. Without it it's bulldozing through life. And in this case it's bulldozing through a complex and difficult situation in which you shouldn't let your emotions drive. I've never seen a single reconned person say anything that wasn't empathetic to a person facing a D. Not once. Nor have I ever saw them encourage a person to remain married for any reason other than the LBS saying that's what they want. The concept that those of us trudging along in piecing are some how standing on a pedestal and looking down is either a projection or a misinterpretation of what is happening here.

WF, I am sorry if my comment made you feel this way, it was not my intention. You are a poster who takes the time to be active on here, which I greatly respect, as is your perspective.

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