Lol LH I'm always at the top or bottom of the list aren't I wink thanks for the shout out.

smilie, you have a WAW that is serious about this being done and over like yesterday. This is pretty rare. But it seems like you're not in a place of being absolutely desperate to save the MR more so desperate to deal with the high speed train she's put you on. Forgive me if I'm wrong on that interpretation. So just a few thoughts based on that assessment, sandi, and SteveLW like to remind folks particularly LBHs that WAWs when they leave you need to understand they've been thinking about leaving for months or even years. So you need to understand she's been rolling this around in her head over and over and over again for a long time. She for whatever reason whether it be logical or illogical decided she needed to check out and do so with the clothes on her back and a weekender and pretty much nothing else. She's in a hurry. But that doesn't mean you have to be. Take your time. You have all the time in the world to move forward with the D. To make arrangements for pickups and banking, bills, etc. Just because she's rushing to the finish line doesn't mean you need to be. Do things on your timeline. This isn't a race to the bottom it's a divorce.

And as far as that's all concerned, you're W isn't your enemy or your opposition. So no you don't have to accept that. But it is perfectly normal to feel a sense of guilt worrying about you first. It's normal to feel uneasy preparing to protect your interests in a legal battle against a person you thought you'd grow old with. But viewing this as a war or a contest where there has to be a clear winner will give you no peace. Try to see marriage in it's most bare bones legal context. In that context it's a partnership joined through a contracted agreement. Your wife is in breach of said contract and both of you would like to be released from said contract due to that breach. It was egregious and neither of you can move forward in this partnership because of that. You are organizing the dissolution of a partnership. You're ending a contractual obligation. You must split your assets and liabilities. You must both look out for your own best interests. Concede to what is fair even if you think you deserve better or more than what's deemed fair. And you both will have figure out what are your actual non negotiables and what's worth letting go of so it can move forward. You are not in some kind of battle. You are simply handling a business transaction.