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Maybe he would find me more attractive if he thought I was out all hours of the night at the bar but Im past trying to pretend Im doing something that Im not. I do the same things I did when he was here living with me and that is try to make our kids life as much fun and productive as possible.

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It doesn't have to be getting drunk at a bar every night. It could be any activity that gets you out, doing something new you enjoy, and preferably meeting new people and friends. A new hobby would spark an interest / excitement in you, especially an active one that would improve your physical appearance and give you more confidence.

And then avoid giving him answers. "Where'd you go the other night." "Out." "Who were you with?" "Friends."

Remember, he has fired you as his wife. You no longer need to play that role with him. A H can ask his W where she was and expect an answer. But he can't fire you as his W and then expect you to continue being his W.

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