Did I miss whether you're separated or not? Did you H move out? Sounded earlier like he's living there and just coming home at all hours and you're doing the family thing on weekends, but then later sounded like he's not in the house?

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What Galís have I been doing?
Well I mentioned that my kids are very active teenagers and their not yet driving age. They both do all sporting activities year round and they do them at a highly competitive level. We practice at minimum 4 nights a week until after 10pm and then most weekends are spent with their sporting events. We do most weekends as a family with all four of us together. My main priority in life right now is focused on them and I have them about 98 percent of the time.

Great to make your kids a priority, but important to take time for yourself as well. Sounds like you don't have much time to work on yourself or GAL between the kids and playing family on weekends. Shouldn't he share in the responsibilities of getting kids to activities?

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When they are in school I do get out and have lunch with friends, shop, go to the spa, and I have went on a few girls weekend trips. I donít have a lot of extra down time to do ďmeĒ time things but I am ok with that. I think he prefers it this way so he knows Iím not doing anything else to. I donít think too much into that these days though. I use to want him to think I really had something else going and wonder where I was but Iím so far past that these days!

You do it for you - it'll make you more happy, well-rounded...etc. - but he'll notice the difference as well. Lunch, shopping, and spa are all good and I'm sure help but it'd be even better to branch out and try new activities, meet new people, and make new friends.

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Maybe he would find me more attractive if he thought I was out all hours of the night at the bar but Iím past trying to pretend Iím doing something that Iím not. I do the same things I did when he was here living with me and that is try to make our kids life as much fun and productive as possible.

It doesn't have to be getting drunk at a bar every night. It could be any activity that gets you out, doing something new you enjoy, and preferably meeting new people and friends. A new hobby would spark an interest / excitement in you, especially an active one that would improve your physical appearance and give you more confidence.

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