Hey Blu,

A huge part of the reason I'm still here is waiting on updates from you and ovr. Piecing for almost a year now. It's nice to hear how other people are doing. Not that anyone can gauge their relationship next to another, but it helps me to gauge my mindset about where I should strive to be moving forward. Because it hasn't quite been a year I get hung up on triggers occasionally and it's nice to know that hurt while it's always going to linger just a little gets easier and easier with time. That life continues on. That people will still fight after all the mess and it doesn't spell disaster.

May isn't here right now. She may not return. Another poster Sage left bread crumbs on my thread of contact info and they've been communicating via email and spending much less time on here. H and I recently bought a home so I haven't had time to dig through my thread to find the pieces. But I intend to when things calm down and I can circle back and drop some May hints here for you. I know when she decided to exit she had trepidation missing out on updates from you.

Thank you for the time you spend/spent here. It's always appreciated and nice to have someone around who survived this. If for nothing else as a reminder that all MRs aren't doomed. That all WSs aren't irredeemable. And that LBSs can forgive and move on without forgetting.

Enjoy your breathers this summer. Given your work in the last year you truly, truly deserve that.

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